long-term durability and high insulation

The ETRUM ECO system has really good insulation parameters. Wide frame cover, a gasket system and optional wide glazing allow for building energy-efficient structures that will reduce the costs of heating.

The latest technological solutions ensure comfort and peace of use of windows and balcony doors. The ETRUM ECO system is a solution for people looking for top quality joinery.


The ETRUM ECO window and balcony door system is distinguished by very good thermal insulation parameters. Wide, six-chamber frame profile and the possibility of installing sealed units up to 51 mm in the casement ensures high level of thermal insulation. Energy-efficient window structures reduce heating costs in winter and provide pleasant thermal comfort in summer.


A system of 3 gaskets provides excellent protection against moisture and heat loss. Additionally, when the window is closed, a so-called dry chamber is formed between the frame and the casement, which protects the fittings against weather conditions. This ensures many years of fittings operation and peace of mind.


Thanks to the use of steel, repeatedly bent reinforcements, ETRUM ECO windows and balcony doors retain excellent stability. The robustness of the profiles allows for building large window structures. The ETRUM ECO system is comfortable and safe.


An additional anti-burglary strip used in the profile makes it difficult to pry the casement and to break in. Optionally, it is possible to use a fitting with increased anti-burglary protection standard, with more protective bolts. The IDEAL 8000 system thus ensures safety and gives peace of mind to everyday life.