garage door


Double guides with an angled rail ensure the stability of the whole structure, even with large dimensions. Thanks to this, PVC garage doors provide peace of mind and safety for the household during everyday use.


Wide 40 mm thick PVC panels are filled with polyurethane foam. Thanks to this, the garage door has optimal thermal insulation, prevents the inside of the garage from heating up in the summer and protects against the loss of heat in winter.


The option of replacing the rail and chain system with a noise-reducing rail and belt, the addition of handles and many options of electric drives provide comfort of use and increase the functionality of garage doors.


In today’s construction, it is important to match the style of windows, doors and garage doors. Many colour options imitating metal structure and classic wood colours will allow the building’s façade to maintain a uniform design.


  • The double horizontal guides provide superior product stability.
  • The side hinge design helps adjust the garage door curtain along the full length.
  • The double torsional spring with a failure protection guarantees the stable and safe movement of the garage door.
  • The bottom edge gasket provides a perfect seal to the ground.
  • The vertical guides with angle bars are a reinforced structure for improved stability of the garage door.
  • Compatible with optional Somfy drive operators in RTS and IO automatic controls.
  • The 40 mm thick garage door panels feature PUR cores for a high thermal insulation performance.
  • The sectional garage doors feature a high insulation performance against outdoor noise.
  • A wide selection of colours and profile texture options is available.
  • Woodgrain
  • Smooth and narrow
  • Smooth and wide
  • Smooth
  • N – regular with front torsional springs
  • NH – tall with front torsional springs
  • L – low with rear torsional springs
  • Manual
  • SOMFY DEXXO COMPACT RTS drive operator
  • SOMFY DEXXO OPTIMO RTS drive operator
  • SOMFY DEXXO PRO 1000 3S RTS drive operator
  • SOMFY DEXXO PRO 800 io
  • SOMFY DEXXO PRO 1000 io
  • Optional chain drive operator rail installed on the drive belt rail (to reduce the running noise)
  • Manual operators can be accessorised with handles, lock bolts or key locks
  • Optional ventilation grilles available
  • Power operated garage doors are optionally available with emergency lock release
  • Garage door curtain optionally available with daylights (633 mm x 332 mm)
  • A wide selection of automatic control accessories