HST 85
smooth sliding and panoramic view

The HST 85 terrace door system allows a panoramic view thanks to its large glazed surface. Thanks to two independent tracks and a special lift and slide technology of the leaf, it is possible to keep the leaf motion easy and smooth. It is a convenient solution of the highest quality.

At the same time, wide HST 85 profiles and optional wider glazing units ensure high thermal insulation parameters. This ensures that even large structures are stable and energy-efficient.


The applied lift and slide technology ensures that the system operates smoothly. This way, even with very large structures, the doors can be easily moved to enjoy the comfortable use of the terrace.


The possibility of constructing leaves up to 3 metres wide enables the design of doors giving a panoramic view of the outside. This is a huge potential for interior design with a view of the garden.


The reinforcements used in the profile, bent in multiple places and from 1.5 to 1.8 mm thick provide stability even for large sliding structures. This makes HST 85 terrace doors safe and durable. They provide peace of mind for years.


Additional possibilities of using RC2 anti-burglary glass and fittings in increases security.