optimised equipment and classic design

ETRUM ROUND PLUS windows and balcony doors have all the advantages of the ETRUM PLUS system, enhanced by a characteristic encasement line which gives the products a traditional, timeless look.

The ETRUM ROUND PLUS system provides products with better insulation. The system of three seals creates a “dry chamber”, which protects the fittings from moisture and extends their life. An additional fin protects the casements from being pried and forcibly opened, ensuring peace of mind. There are also renovation frames available, which make installation easier by covering window opening imperfections from the inside.


Specially designed casement gives ETRUM ROUND PLUS windows and balcony doors a traditional look. This makes them a perfect choice for renovations of old buildings.


The system of three gasket forms a “dry chamber” between the frame and the casement. This protects the fittings against humidity and temperature fluctuations, extending their lifespan.


A special slat used in the frame profile makes it more difficult for burglars to access the casement and pry it open. In addition, higher security class fittings may be used, along a locked handle and anti-burglary glass, thus ensuring peace of mind for the household.


Thick, repeatedly bent steel reinforcements, well thought-out design of window profiles and high quality fittings guarantee the robustness of the structure. They will serve without any failures for many years providing comfort of use.