thermal insulation and acoustic comfort

The deep structure of ETRUM PRO window and balcony door profiles ensures good thermal insulation parameters, while the option of thick glazing allows to increase them additionally and provide the household with an acoustic barrier against noise from the outside.

Additional ETRUM PRO equipment provide higher safety classes, better functionality and extensive customisation. The colour options allow us to design the perfect windows and balcony doors for any interior and façade.


Wide profiles enable the use of sealed glazing units up to 51 mm wide. This affects proper insulation of ETRUM PRO windows and balcony doors, creates an acoustic barrier providing the householders with acoustic comfort and peace of mind on a daily basis.


The six-chamber construction of profiles with an installation width of 80 mm, the possibility of using wider glazing and a warm inter-pane frame increases the thermal insulation of the structure. This makes it possible to build energy-efficient window structures using the ETRUM PRO system.


Steel reinforcements, wide profiles and a gasket system ensure the robustness of the construction and comfort of using ETRUM PRO windows and balcony doors for many years. In this way, we ensure peace of mind and comfort for the users of our products.


ETRUM PRO windows and balcony doors are available in 39 different colour versions. Special veneers imitate the structure of metals, traditional wood or are available in trendy RAL colours. This makes it easy to match windows to interiors and façades.