modern design and more light

The EDGE system is a modern design for modern investments. It is characterised by a rectangular, simple casement shape, available only from WnD. The unique construction of the window casement allows the use of wider sealed units than before and lets more light into the rooms. In this way, EDGE windows and balcony doors perfectly fit into the trends prevailing in the construction industry.

There are also monobloc and renovation frames available, which make installation easier by covering the insulation layer from the outside or window opening imperfections from the inside.


The rectangular casement and lowered profiles give EDGE system products a unique character. The whole thing is completed by a dedicated handle with a matching design. In this way, Edge windows and balcony doors perfectly highlight the design of modern investments.


Low casement profiles increase the glazing surface. This way, more daylight comes into the interior. This reduces electricity costs and improves the well-being of the household.


EDGE windows and balcony doors are available in white and as many as 39 different veneers in trendy RAL colours, metal imitations and traditional colours of natural wood. This makes it easy to match them to façades and interior design.


The possibility of using sealed units of up to 47 mm ensures good thermal insulation parameters. Thus, it is possible to realistically reduce heating costs in winter and to keep the indoor climate cool in summer.