unique design and optimum equipment

The AVATIO system is a gentle shape that stands in opposition to modern design. The rounded line of the casement, almost flush with the frame, gives the construction a classic character.

AVATIO windows and balcony doors are only available from WnD. At the same time, products in this system are optimally equipped, which makes them economical and saves on investment costs. There are also monobloc and renovation frames available, which make installation easier by covering the insulation layer from the outside or window opening imperfections from the inside.


The rounded profiles of AVATIO casements are designed to be almost flush with the frame profile. Thus, the whole structure gains a classic, subtle character, which fits perfectly into both traditional and renovated buildings.


The well-thought-out and rational design of AVATIO windows and balcony doors ensures optimal insulation parameters and durability for years. It is an economical solution that saves you investment costs. At the same time, the possibility of using wide glazing allows to reduce heating costs in the future.


Reinforcements up to 2 mm thick and a suitable cross-section of the profile ensure a robust and durable structure. The gasket system helps keep the fittings in good condition for years. This way, AVATIO balcony windows and doors are stable and remain functional regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.


AVATIO system products are available in many veneers imitating classic wood colours, but not only. The additional BiColor option allows you to match windows and balcony doors to different façade and interior styles at the same time.