roller shutters


In the summer, NOCTOR ELITE provides protection from the sun. Thanks to this, the rooms do not overheat and they are pleasantly cool. At the same time, in winter, external blinds increase window insulation parameters and help to save on heating costs.


Windows with roller shutters provide increased anti-burglary protection. External shutters are an additional barrier for intruders. The NOCTOR ELITE thus ensures safety and daily peace of mind.


Many colour options of the NOCTOR ELITE roller shutters cases help to match the colour of the windows and façade style. High-quality paints are durable and ensure perfect appearance of your roller blinds for many years.


Thanks to the additional option of installing an integrated mosquito net, the NOCTOR roller shutters system ensures peace and comfort of insect-free rest.


  • Shutter boxes available in 3 sizes: 175×220, 200×220 and 240×255
  • Integrated insect screen available for installation, also with the flashing complete
  • Can be installed on any profile system with a max depth of 90 mm
  • MINI PVC 37 mm and MINI ALU 39 mm lamellas available only
  • Thermally insulated sides
  • 3 service access options: front, bottom and outer
  • Easy installation and stable structure
  • With the bottom service access, the roller shutter installation can be finished with rendering for better concealment

Available manual control types:

  • ZP – Drive belt rewinder
  • ZKP – Crank-operated drive belt rewinder
  • PKS – Crank gear with crank handle (permanent fastening)
  • PKR – Crank gear with crank handle (removable)
  • PKO – Crank gear with integrated crank handle

Alternative power operator types:

  • Basic with control key
  • With integrated remote receiver
  • Wired with wall control key
  • Wireless remote with overload protection

Manual control options:

  • RR – Manual slide bolt for locking the roller shutter curtain with a ventilation clearance
  • ZBA – Rod lock for a secure roller shutter curtain closure

Safety hanger available for power and crank gear operators (WZ)

  • Integrated insect screen available, also when retrofitting (following the product installation and flashing)
  • Wide colour selection available
  • EnEV 2014 compliant
  • The low heat transfer coefficient of the shutter box helps build energy-efficient structures that reduce the building heating costs.
  • PVC products are recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • The high quality of WnD products is certified with a 5 year warranty!

Standard lamella colours
01 White – closest to RAL 9016
02 Beige – RAL 1013
03 Light Brown – RAL 8014
04 Dark Brown – RAL 8019
31 Silver – RAL 9006
32 Grey – RAL 7038

Optional lamella colours

06 Dark Oak / Wenge
11 Ultra White
21 Whitewashed Wood
22 Dark Wood
23 Golden Oak
25 Mahogany
27 Walnut
28 Winchester
30 Light Grey
33 Dark Beige
37 Basalt Grey
38 Quartz Grey
39 Concrete Grey
41 Cream White
42 Green
43 Anthracite Grey
44 Gunmetal Blue
45 Red
46 Black
47 Fir Green
48 Yellow
49 Claret
50 Ivory
RAL colour coating final list