front door

The rational design of ETRUM exterior doors allows for savings, while you enjoy optimal insulation parameters and high quality. Made of high-quality PVC, they are durable and resistant to external factors.

Thanks to the use of low 20-mm thresholds, they allow comfortable use and meet the requirements of buildings without architectural barriers. There are also monobloc and renovation frames available, which make installation easier by covering the insulation layer from the outside or window opening imperfections from the inside.


ETRUM external doors will perfectly match other constructions from the ETRUM system. Thus, it is possible to create an aesthetically uniform façade or interiors of the building.


Thanks to the use of high-quality PVC profiles and steel reinforcements, the construction of ETRUM entrance doors is durable and stable. Thus, even large doors will be safe and comfortable to use.


Many colour options and decorative panels are available for ETRUM entrance doors. Such solutions allow the doors to match the style of the façade and interior.


A low 20-mm threshold will ensure comfortable use of the door. In addition, it meets the requirements for barrier-free construction, so it is friendly to different social groups.