For 10 years, we have been making
affordable windows and doors

In 2012, we launched the production of PVC windows and doors at WnD. Continuously establishing cooperation with new business partners, we conquer new markets. We increase employment, production volume and broaden our offer.

WnD supplements the OKNOPLAST Group with high-quality, cost-efficient windows, doors and patio doors. Despite the relatively short operation in the industry, it is developing dynamically by strengthening its position as one of the largest manufacturers of joinery in Poland.

WnD Quality

From the beginning, we have been cooperating with the best suppliers. In the production of our windows and doors, we use top-quality components manufactured by German companies. Long-term contacts and our production volume provide us with an excellent negotiating position.

To ensure the highest standards, the entire production process is constantly and thoroughly monitored – both internally and externally. Every process at WnD is developed to ultimately contribute to the constant improvement of the quality of our windows and doors. We have confirmed this continuous improvement by obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification, which represents the orientation of the entire company towards the quality of the final product.

Sustainable Production

Only properly planned and organised production can be sustainable. The processes of procurement and production planning are oriented towards fully optimal use of company resources. All stages of production are aimed to reduce waste.

100% of PVC waste from our factory is recycled. The same goes for our products – PVC for windows, glass and steel – all remain in a closed-loop production cycle. We believe that it only depends on the goodwill of us all to stop the negative impact of the increasing waste production.

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International sales network

WnD products perfectly match the needs of western markets. They are cost-effective and of excellent quality. The wide product range covers the needs of various customer groups. All this is highly valued by our business partners across Europe.

Currently, we are intensively developing our distribution network in France and Germany. We are acquiring new business partners, there simultaneously conducting marketing activities. We want the distributors of WnD products to be sure that we care about our relations and their business.

The True Asset is the People

WnD employees manufacture thousands of windows and doors every day. They increase the efficiency of production lines, control quality, pack and ship orders, maintain good relations with our suppliers and trade partners. They create WnD.

In this special time, we would like to express our highest respect and gratitude to them. We want the workplace to be a stable background for their lives. We want it to be a support and a space for professional development.

We Look Forward to Future Challanges

A small factory from Poland, noticing market opportunities and listening to customers’ needs, has found a niche in a highly competitive industry. We want to develop further in the segment of cost-efficient PVC joinery.

For 10 years, we have been making affordable windows and doors. We believe in building long-term relationships. We value business dialogue.